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Air purifier for a large space, which one do you choose?

Unhealthy air in large spaces is often caused by a polluted ventilation system. With an air purifier for a large space (such as a gym, catering/hospitality facility, factory, warehouse, hall), your indoor air will stay clean and healthy. Preferably, you buy one with the best air circulation. An UV-C filter is also very important, because it makes viruses, such as the flu, harmless in the indoor air. You can read all about which professional air purifier we recommend you to get here.

Poor ventilation makes you sick

Did you know that 70% of the installations in Dutch buildings do not function properly? Air treatment is often neglected. A pity, because in such cases the indoor air hardly circulates. This considerably increases the chance of viruses and bacteria spreading.

It is stated that 20% of all absenteeism complaints (colds, flu, etc.) are due to an unhealthy indoor climate (source). Poor ventilation and circulation therefore makes you ill.

Keep your air clean with an air purifier

Keep the air in your large space/room in top condition with the best professional air purifier against corona. Air purifiers remove air pollution with the help of a filter. After filtering, an air purifier brings the clean air back into the room. Some of the large room air purifiers can make viruses harmless, provided that they use ionisation or a UV-C filter.

What is the best professional air purifier for a large space?

The EAS1300 UV-C is specially made to keep the indoor climate healthy in large spaces. For that reason it uses a UV-C filter and a very effective HEPA filter. The UV-C filter makes microorganisms (viruses, fungi and bacteria) harmless before they enter the HEPA filter. In the HEPA filter, the already deactivated micro-organisms are permanently removed from the air. That is why the EAS1300 UV-C is an excellent choice to keep your air professionally free of viruses and fine dust.

The EAS1300 UV-C is excellent for large spaces. It has a very high air capacity, what means that it cleans a large amount of air in the shortest possible time. Every hour at maximum speed, the EAS1300 UV-C cleans around 1300 m³ of air. For that reason, the EAS1300 UV-C is an air purifier with a high capacity and therefore very suitable for warehouses, big halls and factories.

More information about the EAS1300 UV-C

The advantages of using a large room air purifier

Are you planning to give a boost to your air quality? Good idea, cleaning air by using an air purifier with a large capacity such as an EAS1300 UV-C provides a lot of benefits. We list the largest:

  • No more fine dust, pollen, allergens and other air pollution
  • You significantly reduce the risk of the spread of infectious diseases, such as the flu and the cold virus
  • Less absenteeism and health complaints
  • Higher work productivity and also a better overall mood

Do you need advice or more information?

Make sure to take a look at our product page with air purifiers or read more about the air purifier in our extensive advice. Do you have any further questions or would you like some free advice? Call +31 20 6464028 or go directly to our range of air purifiers:

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