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5 tips for an indoor smoking cabin

Would you like to have a smoking cabin installed inside your company? Are you curious where you can buy a smoking cabin and what the smoking cabin prices are? Extreme Air Products offers both an outdoor smoking cabin and an outdoor smoking room, but we specialise in indoor smoking cabins. In this article, you will find five important tips for an indoor smoking cabin.

1. Make sure that the smoking cabin does not cause odor nuisance

The non-smoker must be protected from cigarette smoke at all times. Many old smoking rooms and smoking cabins are dirty and cause nasty smells. A modern smoking cabin does not cause an odor nuisance and you don’t even smell anything when you walk past it. The air treatment of a smoking cabin is of course essential to prevent odor nuisance. The best method is air displacement. With this, the smoke is blown out of the breathing zone in a natural way and extracted at the top of the room.

2. The maintenance costs of the smoking cabin must be limited

The costs for maintenance of a smoking cabin can be relatively low. With some manufacturers you pay hundreds of euros per month. This is truly absurd! Maintenance can be done much cheaper. Of course the filters have to be cleaned and replaced regularly, but this doesn’t have to cost so much. A good smoking cabin uses both HEPA and activated carbon filters. In addition, the residue that remains of unwanted odor can be treated afterwards by means of odor neutralisation.

3. The indoor smoking cabin should not look or feel like an aquarium

A common complaint is that an indoor smoking cabin resembles a fishbowl. It’s actually strange that we spend a lot of money on a room within a room. While this can be done much smarter! If your smoking cabin has fused into your building, for example by using an existing wall or ceiling, the smoking cabin will look much nicer and your costs will also be lower.

4. Don’t let your smokers stay away from the workplace for too long

It’s important that your organisation does not spend too much money on smoking breaks. If the distance to a smoking zone inside or outside is too great, the employee will be away from his or her place for too long and this will be at the expense of productivity. It’s therefore important to think carefully about the location of the smoking cabin. We have experience with smoking cabins in offices, hotels, casinos, in healthcare facilities and even on tankers. We are happy to help you with our personalised free advice.

5. Choose a good price-quality ratio

We help you by looking realistically at the possibilities within your budget. Facilitating smokers should not cost too much money. The smoking cabin must not be a disturbance, it must look good, the maintenance costs must be low and you must be completely unburdened when it’s all set.

Need advice or more information?

Take a look at our product page with smoking cabins or read more about the smoking cabin in our extensive advice. Do you have any further questions or would you like some free personal advice? Call +31 20 6464028 or go directly to our range of smoking cabins:

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