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Smoking cabins

Smoking cabins: a smart solution

Smoking cabins are a smart way to facilitate smoking within a building, especially when there is a shortage of space and a lack of additional rooms. Smoking cabins are a great solution to this problem. However, most of the products in the market are incredibly expensive and can cater only a few smokers at a time.

Fully equipped smoking cabins

With Extreme Air Products: these issues are history now. We are market leader when it comes to cleaning smoking rooms. Additionally, we also offer fully equipped smoking cabins. Appealing cabins that will be custom-made according to your existing design and budget.

Manufactured within the EU

In terms of prices, you don’t have to be afraid of expensive lease- or service fares. We sell our cabins at a reasonable price and produce them with high quality material only. Just as our air purifiers, all our cabins are produced within the EU. In all of our cabins, a EAS 1300 device is placed and hence, an optimal air quality is guaranteed.

The bandwidth of our satisfied customers reaches from casino’s, office spaces, health and care institutions till government buildings.

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