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The XOZ2000 ozone generator, odour removal in heavily contaminated situations

  • Efficient ozone production
  • Robust and portable
  • Hose connection possible
  • USB connection for ozone meter
  • Low energy consumption
  • Made in Sweden

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XOZ2000 Ozone generator, intensive cleaning after emergencies

The XOZ2000 is a professional ozone generator that can be used for intensive cleaning after emergencies, such as fire or water damage. Ozone is a clean, natural way to remove odours. Ozone oxidises organic material, such as microorganisms and odour molecules, which are thus permanently eliminated. You can read more about how ozone works and all its advantages and disadvantages here.

There are various techniques for producing ozone. The XOZ2000 uses an ozone tube in which high voltage converts oxygen molecules (O2) from the air into ozone (O3). AXP’s durable ozone tube technology offers several advantages, such as efficient ozone production, long service life and the possibility to connect a hose. The latter makes it possible to treat hard-to-reach areas. E.g. crawl spaces or ventilation systems.

Apart from use after emergencies or one-off cleaning, the XOZ2000 can also be used for permanent applications. The ozone generator can be easily wall-mounted. Permanent application is possible e.g. in waste rooms or when treating water. High concentrations of ozone are harmful to humans, which means that when using the XOZ2000, there should never be people or animals in the room when it is being treated with ozone.

When you start working with an ozone generator, it is very important to follow the instructions carefully. It is a clean and safe way to clean a room, provided you work with it in the right way. Fortunately, ozone has a strong smell, which you can smell even before a harmful concentration of ozone is present.

With the XOZ2000, you are assured of a robust, efficient and safe ozone generator, manufactured in Sweden by a member of the European Ozone Association (EUOTA).

Productspecifications of the XOZ2000

Technical features

Net voltage:                              100-230V
Energy usage:                           max. 45 W
Ventilator capacity:                 116 m3/h
Max ozone production:          2000 mg/h
Output:                                      1 – 100%

General features

Measurements (hxwxd):   160 x 180 x 270 mm
Casing:                                  Steel
Weight:                                 3,5 Kilo
Operation:                           digital with timer
Mounting:                            standing/wall


Technology:                          Ozone tube
Hose connection:                 yes
Warranty:                              2 year

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