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Neutraliser compact | Compact odour neutraliser

  • Suitable for very small spaces
  • Break down odours at a molecular level
  • Passive diffusion, no fan
  • Cartridges are easy to replace

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Solving odour problems naturally

The Neutraliser compact tackles odour problems in the most compact spaces. Think of a small entrance/hallway, car, lift or changing room. When active diffusion of a neutraliser and/or odour is too strong, the Neutraliser compact offers the solution. The Neutraliser compact uses passive diffusion by air movement, without a fan. It is also possible to dose by placing 1 or 2 scent cubes in the holder.
These fragrance cubes basically work with the neutralising substance Metazene®, which breaks down odour particles at molecular level. In addition, if desired, a fragrance is also added to refresh the room. Metazene® is a registered trademark.

Where is the Neutraliser compact used?

  • Nursery
  • Office
  • Public washrooms
  • Care home


Odour neutralisation and diffusion

In the Neutraliser compact, dry odour cubes are used, which can be placed easily and without mess. These odour fillers use environmentally friendly and healthy substances, without formaldehyde. This makes it suitable for every conceivable application.
Besides neutralising the unpleasant odour using Metazene®, a refreshing scent is also spread. Available fragrances include white tea, lavender, green tea, lemongrass and sea breeze. So this not only tackles the problem effectively but also has the effect of scent diffusion. And all this naturally, without health risks.

Productspecifications of the Neutraliser Compact

Technical features

Power supply:                   n/a
Operation:                         constant, passive
Space advice:                   1 – 6 m2

General features

Width:                                     97 mm
Height:                                    152 mm
Depth:                                     32 mm
Weight:                                   142 g


Casing:                                    Plastic
Colour:                                    White

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