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EAS1300 air purifier: for large spaces and smoking areas

EAS1300 Air Purifier

    keuring-vinkje-groen (transparant)    Removes all harmful substances

    keuring-vinkje-groen (transparant)    Filter effectiveness of 99%

    keuring-vinkje-groen (transparant)    TNO tested

    keuring-vinkje-groen (transparant)    Sustainable & energy efficient

    keuring-vinkje-groen (transparant)    Maintenance once a year

    keuring-vinkje-groen (transparant)    Worldwide patent

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What makes this air purifier so special?

The EAS1300 has been developed according to a completely new and patented concept. A unique combination of high level air filtration and so-called air displacement technology delivers unprecedented high performance. The EAS1300 is ideal for large spaces (halls, museums, gyms, etc.) and smoking areas.

Measurements by research company TNO show that the EAS1300 eliminates almost all air pollution present in a room. The test shows, among other things, that 99% of the fine dust in the air is filtered and removed in a room where people smoke continuously.

Stand-alone device, no discharge to outdoors required!


For use in large spaces:

  • Less absenteeism due to healthy air quality

  • Never again dirty and musty smells in the office

  • Employees are more productive in a clean and fresh office

For use in a smoking area:

  • No odor nuisance in and around your smoking area

  • No yellow discoloration on the walls and ceilings

  • Optimal result in a sustainable and energy-efficient way

Technical features

Type:                                                EAS1300
Maximum capacity:                      1300 m3/hour
Max space advice:                         200 m2
Reference:                                      3010100
Power:                                             380 Watt

General specifications

Width:                    80 cm
Height:                   205 cm
Depth:                    30 cm
Colour:                   White / Steel
Weight:                  75 kg exclusive filter set


Ionizer:                               No
Filter system:                    HEPA + activated carbon
Warranty:                           2 years
Recirculation:                    air displacement

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