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The air purifier EA30FC, compact air purifier with unique filter check technology

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  • Ionization before the filter
  • Effective AIH filter technique
  • Unique Filter Check technology
  • Very effective against viruses
  • Compact and quiet
  • For at home or at the office
  • Very low energy consumption
  • Maintenance once every six months

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EA30FC air purifier, super effective, quiet and equipped with unique FC technology

The air in offices and at home is often more polluted than the outside air. Particles of fine dust, pollen, bacteria and viruses, (tobacco) smoke and unpleasant smells float around.


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This air purifier has been added to the list of controlled and authorised air purification products against Covid-19 in Belgium.


The EA30FC is an effective and stylish air purifier that features the latest AIH filter technology with ionization before the filter. This unique filter technique is very effective in combating viruses (such as the corona virus), bacteria, fine dust particles and more.

The EA30FC air purifier, a professional quiet solution for clean air.

All kinds of complaints, such as headaches, irritations to the eyes and airways, fatigue and allergies can be the result of bad air quality. The importance of clean air should not be underestimated. Thanks to the EA30FC air purifier, you can make your room dust and virus free in a highly effective and quiet way.

NO OZONE:The above-mentioned ionisation technique takes place inside the air cleaner. Side-effects such as dust deposits in the room and OZON are therefore not possible. Read more about how the air cleaner works below.

The EA30FC is equipped with:

  • Very reliable high-tech EBM fan with silent operation (made in Germany)
  • Adapter connection with the lowest power consumption of all air purifiers (5.4W)
  • Unique and highly effective patented AIH filter technology
  • Ionization module before the filter

FC: Filter Check technology

The EA30FC includes an integrated filter rating. This detects the density and color of the filter by means of a laser beam. These two parameters are used to determine if the Active ION HEPA filter still has sufficient capacity or if it needs to be replaced. This is an unique technology developed by high-quality engineers.

The big advantage of Filter Check technology is that it ensures the continuity of the filter. Each filter deteriorates in performance over time. With the FC technology you prevent your air purifier from continuing to work with an outdated and ineffective filter. Finally, you avoid replacing the filter too early, which sometimes happens with timer mechanisms.

An even better filter

AIH stands for Active-Ion-HEPA and is a significant improvement on the already very effective HEPA filter technique. AIH has the same high capacity as the regular HEPA technology, only with less pressure loss. This allows a lighter motor to be used. It provides advantages such as less noise, less energy consumption and a filter effectiveness of 99.98% (!). Therefore, the EA30FC is a very quiet worker.

The filter in the EA30FC has a pre-charged ionized state. Particles, including viruses and bacteria, obtain a light electrical charge when they enter the air purifier. Because of this, they are collected more easily. This ionization also ensures that viruses are harmless.

The EA30FC air purifier ionizes before viruses can enter the filter. As a result, viruses that are caught in the filter are actually made harmless.

See here how AIH filter technology with ionization works in practice

AHAM certification

The EA30FC air purifier has AHAM certification. This is an American standard for the operation of household appliances.

CADR Smoke 224 m³/h

CADR Dust 246 m³/h

CADR Pollen 274 m³/h

CADR / Watt 13

Product specifications of the EA30FC

Technical features

Mains voltage:                       230V / 50hz
Max. consumption:              4-19 W
Max. air capacity:                  300 m3 / hour
Max. space (advice):              60 m2
Fan speeds:                            stepless
Filter effectiveness:               99,98%
Noise:                                      from 27dBa

General features

Width:                                     510 mm
Height:                                    610 mm
Depth:                                     160 mm
Colour:                                    White
Weight:                                   12 Kilo
Operation:                              hand / panel
Wall mounted or standing


Filter system:                          Active-Ion-HEPA
Warranty:                                2 years

Impression of the EA30FC

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