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High-quality wall CO2 meter

  • For companies, institutions and private individuals
  • Measurement of CO2, humidity and temperature
  • Accurate measurement with Dual-Beam NDIR technique
  • Built-in LCD display and qualification LEDs
  • For wall mounting with USB connection

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Easy to place CO2 meter

The CO2 meter from Extreme Air Products is ideal for placement in environments where many people congregate. For example, in a café, a restaurant, a fitness centre, a school, a barber shop or an office. The meter can be easily mounted on the wall for quick and easy reading.

This carbon dioxide meter has Dual-Beam NDIR technique. This highly accurate infrared sensor technique is more reliable than the single-beam NDIR technique, which requires regular calibration. Due to the dual infrared sensor, the Dual-Beam NDIR calibrates itself automatically.

Carbon dioxide is caused by certain combustion processes, but also by people. In places where many people come together, an increased concentration of CO2 can be present. An unhealthy situation can then arise. Good ventilation, possibly supplemented with an air purifier (Covid-19), is in that case a must. The CO2 meter can provide double information about the air quality: 1. the CO2 value, 2. the possible presence of the Coronavirus.

If a room is not properly ventilated, you can see that in the CO2 content. Research has also shown that rooms that are not ventilated properly also have an increased risk of the presence of aerosols. The Coronavirus can move more easily with aerosols. In Belgium, the installation of a CO2 meter is therefore already mandatory in the hospitality sector.

The CO2 meter is supplied with a 1.5 metre USB cable and an adapter for connection to the mains.

Technical properties of the CO2 meter

Power supply voltage:
Supply current:
Measuring range:
Measurement technique:
Limit values

input AC 100-240V, output: 5Vdc
Dual-Beam NDIR
0,168 kg
<800ppm, 800-1200ppm en >1200ppm

Power supply voltage: input AC 100-240V, output: 5Vdc
Supply current: 180mA
Measuring range: 0-3000ppm
Measurement technique: Dual-Beam NDIR
Weight: 0,168 kg
Limit values: <800ppm, 800-1200ppm en >1200ppm
Measurements: 140x100x30mm