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Our clients about us:

We are really satisfied with the aircleaning of Extreme Air Products. The air in our smokingrooms is cleaned in an outstanding way. Furthermore, we do not experience any complaints of bad odour nearby the smokingrooms.

René Mollema, Gemeente Amsterdam

As a result of the expertise of Extreme Air Products we have a clean smokingroom for our employees. Also in the surrounding areas we do not experience any bother of bad odours or smoke.

Okura Hotel Amsterdam

Harmoniousness working conditions through clean air

Europe’s employees still spend the majority of their daily life in offices. Hence, the quality of the air is an important topic. Unfortunately, in office spaces the same kind of rooms are the reason for air pollution, fine dust and particulates. Copy rooms are known for not only causing a high concentration of dust, but also ozone. Additionally, stifling conference rooms, dusty server rooms and definitely smoking rooms and cabins cause not only smell issues, but also pollution and therefore health problems.

Extreme Air Products is the expert when it comes to fighting fine dust and unpleasant smells. Your employee’s productivity will increase as air quality increases. Despite an existing ventilation system, most conference rooms still feel stifling and you’ll walk out with a headache after a long day and feel tired. The only thing that will make you go home at the end of the day with a fresh and healthy feeling is clean air!

Smoking colleagues and employees at the entrance of your building are definitely not a flagship. Politics on how to treat the smoking part of your employees is an important, yet rather annoying topic. However, 28% of all Europeans still smoke. We know this problem. We help government institutions, public buildings and corporations with this tedious and complicated topic.

Here, it is of essential importance to treat the smoking employees optimally and to prevent them from becoming a nuisance to non-smokers. Also, long smoke breaks and people smoking outside your building should no longer affect your organization negatively. With our decentralized air purifying system we are not only market leader, but also the expert with unique know how and expertise. Extreme Air Products offers effective and care-free options for your smoking room!

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