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solutions for indoor air quality

We are looking for new distributors

Extreme Air Products is the leading manufacturer of air purifiers  developed for the b2b market. Our circulation and filtration machines are mainly supplied to optimize the indoor air quality of smoking rooms and smoking cabins.

Improve indoor air quality of smoking rooms

On the one hand we help our clients to improve the indoor air quality for their existing smoking rooms. Besides we supply our international clients with fully equipped smoking cabins designed to their needs.

Manufactured within the EU

We are based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. All our products are developed and manufactured within the EU. We supply our products worldwide.

At this moment we are actively searching for new partners to bring our products to market. In Europe we sell our products directly to the end user. In other regions we sell our products in cooperation with our local distributors.

Looking for new partners in Kuwait and The Emirates

In Kuwait, as well as in the United Emirates we are looking for new distribution partners. The potential in these markets is very promising and we have a lot of experience with all the export procedures and protocols.

Please contact us to get informed regarding our proposal to become our new partner!