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Our clients about us:

Our smokingrooms for heroin addicts are well improved since the introduction of the aircleaners of Extreme Air Products. Our employees went home with headaches and other complaints while we were using our old systems. Thanks to the userfriendly system of Extreme Air Products they can do their job in a clean, healthy environment.

Joost Daniëls – Novadic kentron (Tilburg)

We are very satisfied with the service of Extreme Air Products. Their aircleaners function very well and take care of clean smokingrooms for our patients.

Ivo Coltura – Kliniek Sint Jan (Brussel)

Years of experience and know-how in health care

Clean air in health and care facilities is extremely important. This is applicable in all different sorts of health and care institutions. Examples are drug consumption rooms in rehab clinics, laundry rooms and storage rooms for medical waste. For both, patients and employees it’s therefore very important to create a clean and fresh atmosphere.

Unpleasant smell can be the reason for disturbances and heavy annoyance for surrounding rooms and departments. Additionally, chemical products in for instance hair salons can cause health problems and should therefore be eliminated in order to not cause any damages. All these described problems can be solved by Extreme Air Products, as we provide not only solutions to the problem but also more than enough expertise and knowledge on how to tackle these issues.

Quite often, smoking rooms and cabins are the reason for nuisance! Our experience with exactly this issue however, makes us unique in Europe. Whether you have problems with small rooms such as living rooms for elderly people that smoke, or special facilitated smoking rooms in psychiatric hospitals and forensics: the decentralized air purifying system of Extreme Air Products offers the perfect solution to your problem. Our patented system is based on air displacement ventilation, which turns the dirtiest and most polluted rooms into pleasant whereabouts. Furthermore, we keep the surrounding rooms and hallways clean and prevent walls and ceilings from turning yellow or even brown. Even the extreme smell of nicotine is history with the EAS 1300 purifier.

Consumption rooms and rehab clinics for drug addicts are a great burden to employees and nursing personnel: headaches, itches and irritated eyes are an often reported problem.

Extreme Air Products is the expert when it comes to clean those rooms and knows how to sufficiently cater them.

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